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Docker Compose For Wordpress

· 2 min read
Mohammad Zakery


Wordpress Docker

How to use this image

  1. Clone or download all files from GitHub Page
  2. Download Wordpress from Wordpress Downloads
  3. Extract to the following directory:
  1. Run the command below :
docker-compose up -d
  1. Open up your web browser, and proceed to the following address to start the installation ( Remember that my configuration will start the server at port 80, in case you want to change the hostname/port, proceed to the next section to customize this image )
  1. If see 404 ERROR :
chmod 777 -R var/
  1. In the Database settings, adjust the following :
Database Name = wordpress
Username = wp
Password = 147258369
Database Host = mysql
Table Prefix = wp_

Customize this image

Use domain with SSL and change Nginx configurations

in the files downloaded from this GitHub Page

  1. In this directory, uncomment the lines in the wp.conf and replace your domain with
  1. Following the guides from Letsencrypt (certbot), copy the privkey.pem and fullchain.pem to the following directory. (Remember that from the previous step, the cert files names should correspond with these config file) :
  1. In case you want to configure your Nginx, you can find the config file in the following directory :

Change mysql configurations

  1. Customize your configs in the following file :
  1. Change the mysql environment variables in the docker-compose.yml file :

Change php-fpm configurations

Add your customized configurations in these files :


Exposing external port

Edit docker-compose.yml to change the exposed ports :

- 80:80
- 443:443