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Enable Wake On LAN on Debian

· One min read
Mohammad Zakery

Wake On Lan on Debian


1.Install ethtool :

sudo apt install ethtool

2.Checking the Interface :

ip a

3.Select the interface you want to use. For Example :


4.Turn wake on lan On Temporarily :

sudo ethtool --change enp3s0 wol g

5.Check the WOL status of the interface with the following command :

sudo ethtool enp3s0

6.Find the bellow section :

Wake-on: g

Making wake on lan Permanent

7.Find ethtool directory :

which ethtool

in my os : /usr/sbin/ethtool

8.Create wol.service in /etc/systemd/system/ with the following content.

Description=Enable Wake On Lan

ExecStart =/usr/sbin/ethtool --change enp3s0 wol g


9.Enable the service :

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable wol.service