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Adduser with Ansible in Debian

· One min read
Mohammad Zakery

Adduser with Ansible in Debian

Ansible Adduser

This Ansible creates your desired user along with the public key and also places this user in the sudo group and add user to AllowUsers in ssh config.

Customizing files

1.Change the remote_user in adduser.yaml.


- name: Create user and add SSH key
hosts: hosts
remote_user: root
become: yes

- values.yaml

- name: Add the user
name: "{{ username }}"
password: "{{ password }}"
shell: /bin/bash
groups: sudo
createhome: yes

- name: Add the SSH public key
user: "{{ username }}"
key: "{{ lookup('file', ssh_public_key) }}"
state: present

- name: Add user to AllowUsers in sshd_config
cmd: "sed -i -e '/^AllowUsers/ s/$/ {{ username }}/' /etc/ssh/sshd_config"

- name: Restart SSH server
name: ssh
state: restarted

2.Add the public key in

ssh-rsa AAANZ5cZSQyc2EAANDAQA.....

3.Update the IP address and port in the inventory.



4.Change the username and password and public key path in values.yaml.


username: YourUserName
password: $2y$10$G0l.owcCMBOtgmr9C/.55OBzliuFiHxD1wuDXuJsmIHJCWIXwFTxq
ssh_public_key: "/path/to/public/key/"

The password must be hashed. default password is 14789632